I design exclusive jewelry for unique clients I design exclusive jewelry to tell the value of unique customers
The Project

The Project

The idea behind the Maddalena di Stefano brand is to combine the passion for gemology, the value of precious gems with art and beauty.

Each precious gem is carefully selected, analyzed, and set on mounts made of precious metals, created in the studio from an original design.

For the creation of each collection, in the Maddalena Di Stefano studio you will find technique, passion, and attention to detail.

The phases of creating precious jewelry are carried out following the highest required standards in the industry: from design to production, each step is carefully supervised and validated.

Quality control remains at the core of Maddalena Di Stefano’s brand vision thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the fashion world and experience in creating collections.

The creative process is the encounter between talent and master craftspeople.
Inspiration is the sum of numerous factors including elegance and extravagance.

Sabina Giuliani interprets and creates unique and personalised jewellery.

The project becomes a blend of tradition and innovation by revolutionising an existing system.
In the studio, the design is developed in conjunction with wax modelling by hand, CAD design and 3D printing.